About the software:
e-MBO 15-16  -Objective Finalization for the year 2015 -2016 starts w.e.f.  1st July 2015 for all units
There would be some server maintenance during following time slots (daily)         
 10.00 am - 10.15 am
    5.45 pm - 6.00 pm

So users are requested not to work on appraisals during this time.
Thanks for the cooperation.

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Unit HR's can generate Activity Reports for Objective Finalization 2015-16      Click here 

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Objective Finalisation start date:  1st July, 15

 Process closed

Process closed
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HR Access


This facility is critical for all phases of the appraisal process.  Unit HR s need to check mappings of each  employee
Please note : Employees who have left the organization need to be removed from the mapping

This is a new facility added in  Mid-Term Review Module
The Board will carry names of those  employees on whose MBOs  the  Managing Director has made special noting during the Mid Term Review.  Unit HR s / Appraisee s/Appraisers should login from the Board to access  MDs comments for necessary follow-up action 

Obj. Finalisation Mid-Term Review Final Review

Unit HRs  to login to the relevent module from here. 

Corporate Director access


General Manager Access Global Appraisers Access

Obj. Finalization Mid-Term Review Final Review

Unit GMs to login as per relevant phase 

Obj. Finalization Mid-Term Review Final Review

Chairperson, Managing Director and Director Human Resources to login as per relevant phase.